Professional Pet Sitters Week

It’s Professional Pet Sitters Week March 5-11 2023

What criteria makes a pet sitter a professional?

A professional pet sitter is someone who takes care of pets on a regular basis and is paid for their services. To be considered a professional pet sitter, certain criteria should be met:

  1. Training and experience: A professional pet sitter should have experience in caring for pets and should be knowledgeable about their needs. They may have completed courses in pet care or have certifications in animal care. Or the best case scenario would be someone who has a college degree in Veterinary Technology like I do. My experience as a Veterinary Technician gives my clients the peace of mind and security that their pets are in the best care while I pet sit them.
  2. Insurance and bonding: A professional pet sitter should have liability insurance and bonding to protect both the pet owner and the pet sitter in case of accidents or incidents that occur during the pet sitting job. Carlisle Pet Sitters is insured and bonded.
  3. Professionalism: A professional pet sitter should have good communication skills and be reliable and punctual. They should be professional in their demeanor and appearance, and treat both the pet and the owner with respect.
  4. References: A professional pet sitter should have references from other clients who have used their services and can vouch for their reliability, trustworthiness, and care of pets.
  5. Flexibility: A professional pet sitter should be able to accommodate the scheduling needs of their clients and be able to adjust to any unexpected changes that may occur.

Overall, a professional pet sitter should have the knowledge, experience, and professionalism needed to provide high-quality care for pets, as well as the trust and confidence of their clients.

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